April 02, 2011

Our Story

Ryan and I met back in our 7th grade English class, it was puppy love at first sight. One of those check "YES" or "NO" scenario's. He was the first boyfriend I ever had, although it only lasted for a day because I was very shy back then, but this time around it lasted for over a month, up until he unexpectedly passed away this past Wednesday (March 30th 2011).

Things changed a lot for us during 9th grade and we went our separate paths in life. Around 13 years passed before we would ultimately meet again (Feb 23. 2011). However, we did write to each other briefly a few years back around Christmas one year.

Needless to say we hit it off right away once again, he confessed to trying to locate me before I had found him through FaceBook. Ryan made a promise to me (March 4th 2011), wanting to devote himself to me and start a serious relationship together. He later mentioned that he would even be willing to move closer in order for us to be together, since I am a good six hour drive away now.

Myself like many others are going to miss you immensely and I am so glad that I got the chance to spend this short amount of time with you and get to know you all over again before you passed. It is so hard to believe that you are really gone, but like you told me the last time I saw you..."this is not goodbye, but rather, see you later." I love you and your family more than words can express and you will never be forgotten. God Bless.

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Ericka said...

I am so sorry for your loss. This entry absolutely made me cry. So heartbreaking.