March 30, 2011


I've been wanting to lose weight but I haven't really been making the changes I needed to my daily eatting habits. Last night as my male co-workers stepped on the work scale with there weight ranging from 146-191lb it made me realize that WOW, I'm the heavy weight out of these 3 guys, all of which aren't far off from my height, two of which are much older than I am...not good I thought.

I saw a recent Tweet from that there is a debate about video games helping you get in shape. I do think video games can help you lose weight because there are active games like the wii fit, and any physical movement you can do is helping to burn calories. Also when I find myself bored for a long period of time all I really want to do is eat my boredom away, video games actually help keep me distracted from thinking about food, passing time in a breeze and help remove the thoughts of eatting from my mind. Even a glass of water or some water with a 0 calorie flavoring additive helps to curve my grumbling tummy when I've eatten my calorie limit for the day.

I was watching TV when I caught the beautiful slim Jennifer Hudson promoting WeightWatchers. So I surfed their sight and practically had to agree when they wrote something like... "people that lose 3-10lb usually will give up on losing weight after that point...only to easily gain it back in the end". If there's one thing I hate in's being a statistic, this has definately been running through my head and making me want to be able to push wayyyy beyond 10lb because I had lost 12lb several years ago and was at my lowest in many years but yea...I gained it back and then some since.

Not to mention the pants I've been wearing since 12th grade practically are all becoming too tight and I broke the belt loop on a pair last night trying to pull them on (x.x) heh. I'm really going to try and put more effort into losing weight, I need to drop atleast 10lb before my spring break in 3 weeks however, I'd like to lose 18lb. If I can gain weight super easily, then maybe it's just as possible I can lose it just as easily if I really put my mind to it!

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