April 10, 2011

Spring/Summer 2011 Hair and Makeup Trend

This season is all about just changing your hair color from what it was last year, so be bold with white blondes, saucy reds or a deep brunette shade. You could even try adding some subtle highlights if a full on hair dye route isn't for you.

As for hair style, fringe/bangs are super in, along with longer bob cuts. I personally am leaning more toward styling my hair like a 1960's pinup, using a 1/4 barrel curling iron or pin curls and reaching for the bobby pins to create some victory rolls, but still trying keep it a bit more modern and wearable of this decade. It's even possible that the pom pom inspired hair do's will turn into a beehive at some point ;D Just curling your hair like your grandmother probably still does and lightly brushing them out with a soft boar brush once they're cooled is the way to go.

As for makeup, this year it is mostly taking a natural route, leaving your brows light in color and having a vibrant orange colored lip (such as MAC's Morange). If eyeshadow is required, stick to warmer shades of brown or natural bronze hues. Orange, coral or bronze colored cheeks are also coming more into play for blush shades.

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