August 28, 2016

Eliminate Gossip and Slander - Spell

I have recently developed a new interest in something a bit... magical we'll say. On Pinterest I have started saving a lot of pins on witchcraft. Of course, I do feel skeptical that any of this stuff really works but figured... why not have some fun and see what all the hocus pocus is about.

I made a trip to Target to achieve my first Pinterest spell.. and while this spell may be a bit hard to prove if it really worked or not I figured... what harm could it do? The reason I chose to do this spell was because I have been dealing with friends of a past love interest who I feel have been very gossipy and overly involved in this past relationship. I figured the best and fastest way to go about this spell is to buy a red candle that is tealight size so, I happened to find these red tealight candles (which are apple cinnamon scented..not sure that matters for this) on clearance while at Target and a pack (12) of them cost $2.28, while a small container of whole Cloves at Target cost $5.19.
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My how to
I chose to use 3 cloves for this (because.. the power of 3, IDK) and placed them on top my single red tealight candle. Since there are no words for this spell I felt it best that the person who is being gossiped about should be the one who lights this candle. Once lit, do not blow out the candle, allow it to burn until it goes out naturally (this is why I suggest using a small tealight candle). Be sure you do monitor your candle because if the cloves catch fire and go crazy.. you'll have a problem. However, my cloves didn't catch fire and they just sank down into the wax as the candle melted down. I also chose to set my candle on top a small round mirror to hopefully increase the spell's effects with the power of reflection (yea again, IDK.. my mentality for ya), while also keeping things a bit on the safer side as well. It may also help the spell along if you think of those that you know have been gossiping about you as you light your red cloven candle.

My Results
I'm not sure if this worked to eliminate gossip, but it may cause you to be the one doing the gossiping instead.

August 09, 2016

Hand Salve for Psoriasis - DIY

My mom has suffered from psoriasis on her hands for a long time now so, I decided to do a bit of research on some of the best ingredients to treat it with, and I created this tea tree smelling hand salve. As it turns out my mom use to do the same thing for her mom and herself a long time ago. While it did work my grandma she was not a fan of the tea tree smell, but my mom loves it stating "it smells like gasoline"! So I hope any psoriasis sufferers out there give this recipe of mine a try and let me know how it works out for you in the comment box below.
Hand Salve
1/3 Cup - Coconut Oil (solid variety)
1 Spoonful - Aloe Vera Gel (100%)
1 Spoonful - Lavender Massage Oil (or lavender oil)
1 Spoonful - Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 Spoonful - Sweet Almond Oil
1 Spoonful - Tea Tree Oil

Place coconut oil into a glass jar (or similar). Melt the coconut oil 15-20 seconds in a microwave, or until it liquefies. Add in the other ingredients. Close the jar tightly with a lid and shake vigorously until ingredients are well combined. Loosen lid slightly and place in the fridge. Allow to cool in fridge until product solidifies. Your salve is now ready to use!

August 02, 2016

Tom Kha Gai Inspired Soup - Recipe

Since I have a citrus allergy I had to eliminate any lime/lemon from this recipe, and I omitted any hard to find ingredients (such a kaffir leaves, Thai peppers, and lemongrass). You can use fresh or canned mushrooms for this, any variety will do. If you want your soup spicier add more of the chili paste to it, my version is more on the mild side (if you're sensitive to spice I recommend using a lot less than what I did). If I was making this soup for a group of people I would probably slice some lime wedges on the side, and serve with steamed white rice.
4 Cups (32 oz) - Low Sodium Chicken Stock
4 Cups (32 oz) - Unsweetened Coconut Milk, canned
1 lb - Boneless Skinless Chicken, 1-inch cubed
2 Cups (15 oz can) - Mushrooms, sliced
1 branch - fresh Ginger Root, peeled
1/4 Cup - fresh Cilantro, chopped
2 Leaves - fresh Basil, whole
1-2 Tbsp - fresh Scallions, thinly sliced
1 Tbsp - Pad Thai Sauce
2 Tsp - Thai Chili Paste (or similar)
1 Pinch - Sugar (or substitute)
1 Pinch - Chinese Five Spice powder

Add chicken broth, cilantro, basil, scallions, and ginger to a pot and bring to a boil stirring occasionally. Except for the coconut milk add in the rest of the ingredients and simmer 5 minutes, or until chicken is cooked (no pink in center). Add in coconut milk, raise heat and bring to a boil again. Remove from heat once boiling, remove ginger branch, and allow to cool a bit before serving.