July 18, 2016

Get Your Beauty Groove Back (in 1 week)!

When life has gotten out of control I just want to get back in the groove of things to feel better about myself, and I like to give myself a week to feel alive and vibrant again. The reason I don't recommend doing all this in a day is because you should give yourself something to do and look forward to every day, plus we don't all have the time to get all this done at once (feel productive daily!).

So, here's my quick simple list to help get your groove back on track, in a week.

Mani Monday - do your nails (so they look great all week).

Tan Tuesday - if you're not into tanning/sunless-tan then do something else for your body (or try the "for more..." tips below).

Walking Wednesday - a day for exercise (if this is the only time a week you have to workout then try to do at least 35 minutes straight of physical activity).

Toothy Thursday - deep clean your mouth (whitening, floss, pick, rinse, etc)! Although most of these we should do daily a lot of times life gets too hectic, so be sure to make time for your mouth.

Facial Friday - use a face mask, remove body hair, shave, etc. Enjoy and relax in a nice hot bath (I love doing detox baths).

Sexy Saturday - look cute/sexy today (show off all the hard work you've done this week) and find time to be flirty or chat with others, be social and go out.

Shopping Sunday - clothing, furniture, groceries, etc. because we all have errands that usually need done for the week ahead.

For more...

Try to eat healthy (when you eat healthy you feel healthy).

Once a week
Clean up your living space (do laundry, organize, etc.).

Every 4-6 Weeks (or as needed)
Dye your hair/roots (if you don't dye your hair then consider a trim, new hair style, extensions, a deep hair mask.. just do something haircare related as it can get neglected).

July 06, 2016

TJ Maxx Haul

Danielle creations - 6pc cork manicure set ($6.99)
This is one of the handiest items a person can carry on them, I can't even tell you the number of times someone has asked me for tweezers, nail clippers, etc. I don't believe this is made of cork at all, it is just a slightly textured material with gold accents. The nail file and cuticle pusher I really don't have a need for as this nail file isn't very good quality, but everything else gets highly used in these kits. The only thing I feel could make this item better for myself would be if it had a mirror, and compared to my old kit this one doesn't have a set of angled nail clippers which I did prefer over these regular nail clippers.
MMSxDS - backpack ($29.99)
For the price, I felt this was a good deal for something that doesn't look as boring as your everyday JanSport. It's not a huge backpack but it seems big enough for my university life starting in fall. It has lots of pockets and a divider inside its stripped interior. Yes, I do seem to have a love for black and gold accessories so, it's not too surprising that I'd like this.
By Nature - body wash and body lotion ($4.99 ea.)
This coconut and ocean mineral body wash smells amazing so if you love coconut scented things then this will probably be right up your alley. Although this product doesn't have SPF this is still reminiscent to myself as I have a weird obsession with SPF products as the chemical smell is so appealing to me, and my boyfriend will even tell you how I have smelled like the beach/ocean this year. I think mentally I relate those products to warm days at my aunt's pool in San Diego as a kid and she would lather me up in coconut scented sunblock that smelled like coconut cream pie so, I have been hooked ever since whether it is a dominant coconut scent or has SPF in it (both combined would be amazing to me!).

I also got the papaya and manuka honey body lotion and it smells okay (oddly like strawberries in a paper-bag to me), pretty similar to the Freakin Genius lotion although not as strong (and the Freakin Genius stuff bugged my allergies too much for me to continue using it).

March 29, 2016

Patacones - Recipe

While in Panama earlier this year I came across a simple side dish known as Patacones, and my boyfriend whom is Panamanian was able to teach me how to make them.
First of all, you do want green plantains or ones where the peel isn't mostly black in color. If you peel the plantain and the inside has a peachy tint to it rather than a white-yellow color than it is probably too ripe in which case the patacone will be on the mushy side, where as it should be a bit hard and crisp after cooking. My boyfriend recommends using vegetable oil with this recipe, and I like using it with this because it seems to give the patacones a nice buttery flavor. I also like to heavily salt the plantains before cooking because in my opinion it tastes less bland and more appetizing, although in Panama it tends to be more on the bland side but to each their own.

Plantains, green
Vegtable Oil

Cut the ends off the plantain. Cut down into the peel along the center (long ways) of the outer curve of the plantain. Use your fingers to peel back and remove the peel from the plantain (it can be a bit hard but don't be discouraged). Slice the plantain into about 3/4-inch thick cuts. Liberally season the plantain slices on both cut sides with salt according to taste.

Add about a 1/2 inch of the oil in a small pan and heat the oil on a medium-high heat setting. Once the oil is heated place the plantain slices in the pan on the flat cut side of the plantain (you should hear it sizzle when placed into the hot oil). After about 3 minutes flip the slices over and continue cooking another 3 minutes. Remove the slices from the oil and press the slices flat (you can use the bottom of a flat glass/cup, or a tool made for pressing patacones) til they're about a 1/2 inch thick. Once they're all pressed place the flattened plantains back into the hot oil to cook 3 minutes or until golden (you do not need to flip them over). Set the patacones on a paper towel to remove excess oil. These are best served hot.