January 03, 2010

I Spy Polka Dots *Updated*

No clue why I keep posting about polka dots lately (second time now I believe) but while out shopping with Mr. Sweety at Target we both seemed to have some odd attraction to 'em or something, we kept trying to spot all the polka dots we found in the store that day.

I confessed my undying love for home goods to Mr. Sweety this week and how it reminded me of when I moved out of my parents home several years ago to start a new chapter in life. To my surprise Mr. Sweety told me he liked the home good isle too (even spotting this lamp base he seemed to like) and how he longed for a place of his own now as well. I was excited to hear him say that because we have a new found common interest ^.^ I almost didn't believe he was being serious, lol.

So several days later and I'm still thinking about these polka dot pillowcases we came across...I think I'm going to go back and grab 'em, haha. Perhaps buying them for the sheer attraction we oddly had for them, the joy of discovering that Mr. Sweety and I have a decor love and in hopes it will somehow bring more happiness each day as I rest on these polka dot pillowcases throughout the new year (no matter how silly it may seem to others, lol).

~*~*~2 Days Later~*~*~

*Above is a photo of my new satin black and white polka dot pillowcases which come in standard size, one pillowcase is $4.99 at Target. The polka dot item at the bottom right of the photo is my new clutch which is just like the Valentino one from my previous post, found on EBay recently and won for $27.50.

Cheers to all the things that bring us joy in life! Even if it comes in the form of polka dots :D haha.

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