December 13, 2009

Rugged Warehouse Shopping *Updated*

One of my more recent fave haunts to shop at this year has been Rugged Warehouse, a store where name brands are less expensive. Most people have seen Miley Cyrus trending this plaid top around and you've probably found similar ones at Wal-Mart for $12 recently, but this one from RW(plus size) was originally $12 and I got it on sale for $10 which is knee length on me(I'm 5'4). The downfall to most of these is aside from looking like a cute country picnic tablecloth you may appear maternity-ish(as the top flares out a bit from under your boobs), hah. BTW the necklace in the pic I recently bought at KOHLS which is by Axcess although I like it more when I wear it with this other necklace I picked up with it.I recently saw this $2495 Valentino rose handbag on MySpace, thanks to Britney Snow who showed us her closet. While out shopping at RW I saw a purse by Alexia Crawford(her name doesn't seem to be written on the purse itself but on the original price tag) that kinda reminded me of it and for $20 bucks it was going home with me(it happened to be the last one). I just adore the circular pattern on the inside of this bag ;P Its strap is adjustable so it can be a handbag or worn long shoulder-strap style, the pull ends can also be tucked inside the bag if they bug ya hanging out.While looking through the Valentino purses I noticed I had an EXACT replica of this $795 silver clutch which is the only clutch I own(it's pretty awesome because the bow part that sticks up top allows you to slide your wrist through so you aren't totally hand carrying it, although the satin fabric can easily get dirty) but I spent $38 for it at Macy's! So my Steve Madden dupe was A LOT less then the Valentino(I always get compliments on it) and I think I love my clutch even more now! Also appears that even Jessica Simpson sports the same clutch in a stripe pattern ;DPlease ignore my WHITE legs but I also picked up these $10 heels at RW which were practically love at first sight and don't they look sooo similar to the 2010 summer fashion show from D & G(pictured above my shoes) and the ones from Ageha! I'll prolly trim the excess lace off cuz its pretty long and odd looking. BTW these look like a lot of work to lace up in the front but once they're laced all you have to do is unzip the back of the heel so...its sorta a one time deal.

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hevn said...

Whoaaa, you managed to get some pretty good deals, I'm gonna start hunting for the silver clutch too, that looks fantastic and I'm loving your boots as well <3