January 07, 2010

Week 1 into 2010

It has officially been one week into the new year and one of my resolutions was to get my cam pics uploaded once a week but...slight snag as my cam wasn't exactly uploading my photos and I haven't had time to fidget around with it yet. Not to mention as I placed the Paper Heart DVD into my laptop this week it didn't wanna catch...so after a slight cleaning it finally decided to work...arghhh comp probs.

As for other news I've been looking into finally going to College in spring this year, I wanna get this done by age 30. My job filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy this week and I have been there before when I worked for Flyi, nothin' new for the airline industry. Apparently if I don't lose my job I may end up having to leave my job just to go to school full time, so perhaps it won't affect me too significantly.

As for my diet goal of 20lb this month...ugh...I'm struggling, exhausted, depressed at times. I think I lost 3lb this week and I still haven't put much effort into exercising. Why doesn't someone smack me and tell me to get my a** in gear and stop pissing around. I'm totally losing motivation and I must try harder to get this done...even if this is a long month I still have 17 more pounds to knock off before it ends. I mostly want to accomplish this not just for myself but everyone that's doubting me out their...including myself at times, lol. So far I've managed to speed up my metabolism by eating more often and having smaller portions, so now I find myself getting hungry...a lot(gotta keep those healthy snacks on hand!).

As for other things to expect in the coming week/s, I've been working on a few product reviews, probably got some nail pics to share...been working on my other blogs (would you believe I have 12 on Blogger alone?! LOL).

As for what I overheard from the airline company working next door to me this week...

GUY 1: I need a seat belt extender for this airplane out here.
GUY 2: Okay, well I have one in gray and one in black. Which one do you want?
GUY 1: At this point I don’t think the fat guy without a seat belt is worried about that.

Maybe ya just had to be their XP


Anne said...
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MISO-HAPPY said...

Well I think two of them are under my profile here, the others I hardly make much time for anymore. I was serious about losing the weight but I'm also seriously unmotivated right now...oh wellz, hopefully I'll gain sum spunk back and kick it into gear. I generally don't set goals that high...because yea it usually means failure in the end anyway, hah.