January 02, 2010

Healthier Lifestyle

Now that I'm back on the diet train I started looking for new things to cook because honestly I don't cook nearly enough(fast foodie no mas!) and I do actually enjoy it because for me it's also a learning experience to cooking perfection.

During my search I found some new recipes on SimplyRecipes.com where I cooked "WaxBeans with Mint" and "Asparagus Frittata" although I used waxbeans again...mine didn't come out very good, bleh. Seeing as how my "Frittata" came out so...not good...I searched YouTube for some help. During my quick search I met Bethenny Frankel who doesn't believe in diets but does provide tips on proportion control and a healthy lifestyle, which...is awesome! As a side note...I wouldn't recommend reading her YouTube commentary, pretty harsh stuff.

After watching some of her videos I decided to start making a grocery list of things to buy on my next g-store trip(although I have some of the items already and may exclude a few items from this list) so that I have some new healthier options for the week/s ahead. I hope it helps you out if your looking for new food options as well...

Almond Slivers
Brown Rice
Quality Maple Syrup
Regular Soy Milk
Vanilla & Almond Extract
Fat Free Plain Yogurt
Kashi Good Friends Cereal
Mini Chocolate Chips
Raw/Real Sugar
Non-Sugar Peanut Butter
Dark Whole Bread

That's it for now, I'm leaving you with her famous Apprentice breakfast.

You could also checkout Diet.com for more options ;)

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