June 22, 2009

Cali Vay-K

I just arrived back home from San Diego, CA yesterday afternoon and I took literally hundreds of photos on my new cam which I'm super excited about sharing them with you, I also have a few okay photos from DC Zoo a few weeks ago. So I'll be posting a few of those pics via Flickr once my Internet at home is working again.Also while on my trip my Aunt whom was visiting from Orlando, FL also uses St. Ives scrub. According to my Mom she has been using this since she was a teenager. Unfortunately she uses St. Ives Blemish & Blackhead Control which...is about as harsh to the skin as Garniers scrub (from my previous scrub review). So I'm not recommending the use of this Blemish & Blackhead scrub either which is even brown color just like my foot scrub (LOL).

P.S. I also got complimented on all my LB clothes I posted about (seeeee...told ya I looked good in them, LOL). My Uncle said I looked very nice and ready for church in the vest top (haha) and my Grams didn't seem too crazy bout the belt it came with but she wouldn't stop staring at me (kinda creepy, hah). The red top looked nice, my Mom even tried to copy me by wearing her red shirt and my friend told me I looked too dressed up for the movie theatre one night, WTHeck. The blue top was comfy to travel in and everyone kept saying how I looked like such a happy person during my travel, hah. My Fam liked the brown top as well but it definitely needs to be laid flat to dry(or possibly ironed) after washing because the collar got all weird shaped while hang drying.

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