June 02, 2009

Scrub Product Review

Here's my review on 2 different facial scrubs I've been using recently.
Scrub#1 - Garnier Nutritioniste (Nutri-Pure Microbead Cream Scrub, Oil-Free)
Quantity: 5 oz
Cost $ 6.49
Animal Friendly: Unknown
-Vitamin E + Grape Extract (anti-oxidant to help detoxify)
-Vitamin B5 (infuses skin with moisture, to prevent over drying)
-Green Leaf Extract (naturally soothes and refreshes)
-Dermatologist tested for safety
-Non comedogenic - won't clog pores
-Gentle to skin
-Allergy tested
My Review...
Not sure if the product really "detoxifies" the skin. Doesn't seem to "infuse" my skin and it feels a bit on the dry side after cleansing. Didn't "soothe" my sensitive/dry skin during use of product. It's a bit strongly scented compared to the other scrub (this gives me a migraine). Doesn't feel "refreshing" in my opinion although they try to add a mint ingredient to make it feel that way which I didn't feel it or even smell it. It feels like its scratching the surface of my face rather than scrubbing, bit harsh for skin unless used as a foot scrub (in my opinion). This product goes on thick and doesn't wash off too easily (goops up around the tub). All in all I don't plan on purchasing this product again as I didn't see any major results and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone...guess price and name aren't everything (was rooting for this pricier product but FAIL).

Scrub#2 - St. Ives (Apricot Scrub, Renew & Firm)
Quantity: 6 oz
Cost $ 4.29
Animal Friendly: Yes
-Age Defying
-Gentle Alpha Hydroxy Complex
-Moisture-rich formula reveals smooth, younger looking skin
-Tone is improved and skin feels firmer
-Mild, moisture-rich formula that helps firm and renew skin
-Gentle exfoliants clean deep and remove dull, dead skin
-Radiant, younger looking skin is revealed.
-Sun Alert, this product may make your skin more sensitive to sun
-As with any good skin care regimen, use SPF 15 sunscreen to protect your skin during the day
-Continue use of sunscreen for a week after you discontinue use
My Review...
Is product "age defying", I wouldn't say it's anything that might make you look drastically younger looking but perhaps give you a more youthful clean appearance to the skin. My cheekbone area does seem more toned and firmer after several weeks of using this product. I would say this product is "mild" because it doesn't burn or cause redness after use on my dry/sensitive skin type. It does "gently exfoliate" as it's a scrub wash and not an overly scratchy feeling to the face. The apricot scent is pleasant rather than overpowering. I do follow this product with an SPF 30 as I'm fair skinned and I feel too much use of this product can cause a bit over drying to the face as you should give you skin time to "renew" itself naturally after using this product. I would definitely recommend this product to people as it's probably gentle enough for everyone to use regularly, it's also more product for a lesser price in comparison to the Garnier scrub (this cheap product is totally WIN and I will definately be purchasing more in the future).

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