June 12, 2009

Plus Size Shopping

I bought a few tops at LB recently (as pictured above), totally spent too much but ya know...I needed some Vay-K clothes for my trip. I love the vest top as for some reason I feel like an Asian School Girl with this getup, lolz, it's a bit too pricey and perhaps a tad shorter than I'd prefer. The red top I got because they didn't have my size in the blue (which was sooo nice with my blue eyes)...I guess red will just have to suffice. The brown top is a nice shirt that looks like suede/leather in person, cute and casual. The blue top was on clearance and is pretty comfy casual. I also bought a long black open cardigan shrug which will be great for tank tops or...with almost any shirt combination to get a semi-office look or just go for a more casual day to day look. I honestly think the clothes look better on me then the models in these photos...not to brag or anything like that >.<

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