July 21, 2017

NKD SKN Pre-Shower Gradual Tan - Review

This product is around $20 a tube at Ulta but may have a tad more product in it than your average cheap drugstore tanner. While the product claims you can put it on for like 15 minutes and then shower it off and get a gradual tan, that may be true but doing that didn't do much for my fair-skinned complexion. However, for most of us looking to replace our regular drugstore tanner, I found I can get similar results by leaving this on for an hour or more instead, which is amazing to me because most tanners take much longer to develop on myself. This product doesn't give you instant color so you if you need help seeing where you're applying the product than this may not be the tanner for you. Although if you're someone on the go and want to get a tan throughout your day without looking like a splotchy hot mess than this may be the tanner for you. After an hour I can see the color actually begin to develop on my skin, but after washing it off at that point I would say it takes roughly 4 hours to fully develop. This product looks like a yellow gel-like lotion and tends to turn a bit olive green on fabric which may make it ideal for an olive skin tone. Overall, I like this tanner and the only con may be the price but even that isn't too bad. This product may cause acne on the face which is my luck with most tanners, but you should definitely give this one a try if you don't like sitting around with a sunless tanner product on your skin for more than an hour or two.

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