July 14, 2017

Loving Tan - Review

The first thing about this sunless tanner is that I found I had to order it online so, the fact I can't just walk into a store and get it whenever I'm feeling pale is kind of a downside. It's also about $40 which is much more than most drugstore tanners by 6x and it's also less product. I also had a code to get 2 free mitts which I thought were going to be application mitts and instead they were tan removing mitts (not sure why I'd want to remove my tan unless I made a mistake during application, and those were valued at about $30 each). So I ended up going out to Ulta to find an application mitt for less than theirs at almost $15 (as mitts at Ulta are around $6 to $10) because I found this stuff harder than most drugstore tanners to remove from my hands in particular. Based on its developing time I found I had to leave the product on longer than expected in order to achieve my level of desired tan color although this may be less of a wait time than most drugstore tanners. However, once I washed the sunless tanner off it looked like I hadn't gotten tanner at all and I found after it's washed off it develops more throughout the day so, if you need to be tan by a certain time frame I'd suggest tanning the day before. I also didn't find this tanner to really last much longer than other drugstore tanners (for me that's about 3 days on my face and maybe a week on my body). A lot of sunless tanners I can put it on before bed, wake up the next morning, shower, and I have a nice tan. With this product, I felt I got a splotchy and dry looking tan by leaving this on overnight compared to when I washed it off after 3 to 4 hours and waited for it to develop several hours later. The product does give you an instant color which allows you to see where you're applying the product but if you're hoping to look stunningly tan while out in public you'll just look like you have a very splotchy tanned skin problem (it's the first time I used a tanner and my step dad asked me.. "are you okay? you look sick or something", ugh). Overall, I can't see purchasing this 2-hr express dark mousse sunless tanner again for a fair-skinned individual like myself.

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