November 06, 2016

Deer Costume - DIY

This Halloween I decided to be a deer so, I wanted to share my tutorial for the headband, ears, and tail. All the items I have here I got from Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and Target (or maybe you can find all this in one store). Overall, I thought this turned out really cute (although I didn't have time to do a deer makeup look) and a lot of people commented how I looked like a SnapChat filter which I thought was really cool too.

Deer Ears
Pattern (left) and Completed Deer Ear (right)

What you'll need...

Brown Felt
White Fur
Thread, brown
Sewing Needle

You can make your ears whatever size you desire (I think my ears were around 4-5 inches in length), you can see the pattern shape I created in the above image (you may want to sketch out a pattern on paper before you cut your felt pattern out). Once you cut out your two felt ear shapes, you're going to reverse the direction on one of them in order to create a left and right ear.

Next you're going to cut out a rectangle of fur (mine was almost an inch in width and around an inch and half in length), be sure your fur is going in the right direction before you cut it out and to move your fur inward before cutting.

Next you're going to close the felt over on top the fur (see the above images to help figure out how to align them). Now you're just going to do a few simple straight stitches starting at the outer center ear fold and stitching down to the base, and then stitch the base of the ear shut. Knot off your stitch and trim off the excess thread and any white fur reaching out past the base. Repeat these steps for the other ear.

Blow your fur into an outward direction and trim off any white fur reaching out past your brown felted ears. Now that your ears are complete you can attach them at the base with hot glue onto your headband (tutorial below).

Deer Headband
Completed Deer Headband
What you'll need...

Hot Glue and Glue Gun
Fake Floral bouquet/s (of your choosing)
Deer Ears (see previous tutorial)
Wire Cutters

First off you'll want a tight fitting headband in order to support the weight of this design. Next you're going to want to pull off some flowers from your bouquet and snip off some ends of some others things (your choice how you do this). If you use these fake glittery twiggs I found at Michaels you'll need some heavy duty wire cutters to cut these down to the length you want (yes, these got glitter everywhere). Also, if you want fake antlers I'd check Walmart around this time of year in their Christmas section as that was the only place I saw any (I probably would've got those if I found them sooner).

Heat up your glue gun and start arranging your items onto your headband. I would recommend spacing your ears further apart then I did as I felt mine were too close for an adult person (it may be cuter for kids to have them closer together). Keep in mind once your headband is opened onto your head it makes everything go more inward so, you may have to play around with this in order to get your arrangment looking the way you want once on.

If you find your headband is a bit loose once on you may be able to use some hair clips or pins to help it stay in place on your head although, wearing this could be difficult if you plan to drive.

Downward Deer Tail
Completed Tail
What you'll need...

Brown Fur
White Fur
Cotton Stuffing (or similar)
Thread, brown (or white)
Sewing Needle
Brown Felt
Safety Pin
Pattern and Supplies
In order to do this you will also need some basic needle/thread stitching skills, nothing fancy required but you can use a sewing machine if you choose (I didn't).

I started by making a diamond shaped pattern using a pen on the underside of the white and brown fur, the size is around the length and width of my hand (which for me is around 7 L x 4 W inches), avoid using a marker on the white fur (stick to using a pen). Brush your fur inward before you start cutting, and keep in mind the direction your fur runs before you cut it as you want it to look natural (see image above). You'll want to cut off about an inch from the base of your diamond. Once you have them cut out to equal sizes you'll want to cut off an extra 1/2 inch around the brown fur, just don't cut off more from the base.

Next you're going to cut out a 2x1 inch piece of the brown felt. This is going to be used for attaching your tail once the tail is complete so, you can make this longer if you'd rather attach it to a belt rather than a safety pin like I did. Now you're going to fold the fabric in half to make it 1x1 inch. Then you're going the stitch the ends of felt together to make a flat loop. Next you're going to stitch the base of your loop onto the inside base of your brown fur (the flat end of the diamond), you can adjust how much of the felt you want sticking out.

Now you're to place the fur pieces on top of each other with the fur sides out. Starting to one side of the base of your tail you're going to align the fur and straight stitch your way around the tail. As you stitch your tail you're going to want to pull the thread a bit tight to make it gather since you want the pieces to bend and form a rounded pocket (since the two fur pieces are different sizes afterall). Once you've gone all around your tail you'll want to stop at the base and fill the tail with your cotton (I didn't have cotton so I used some fake Halloween cobbwebbs I had on hand), you may need to use your pen to help you pack it down into the tail. Once heavily filled, stitch the base of the tail closed.

Brush out your fur to tidy it up. Attach a safety pen to the felt end of your tail and you're ready to pin your tail onto your costume!

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