December 14, 2013

My 2014 Spring Makeup Desires

Its been a minute since I've done any posts on this blog but I wanted to share some makeup trends and ideas I'd like to see for spring 2014.
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The use of white eyeliner on the lids seems to be trending for spring, but I also think the idea of white lips would be an edgy interesting twist.

I'd like to see more defined brows while still allowing them to be soft, perhaps going a bit darker than normal and maybe more straight.

A slightly shimmery/dewy face to break away a bit from complete matte foundation, a subtle skin-tone shade of shimmer used more dominantly on the outer cheekbones.

Matte velvety lips with the use of topping them with a frost/shimmer eyeshadow shade, or nude lipsticks to break away from the bolder past fall shades.

Although lots of looks have blue liner on the lower lid I'd like to see more shimmery silver or gunmetal eye makeup coming into play.

I also like the idea of wearable boxy eyeliner looks, perhaps in shades other than black for more daring/bold eye makeup... such as bright yellow.

If going for a more natural makeup look I'd like to see fuller almost tarantula looking lashes from top to bottom and fully curled at that, making the eyes look a bit dolly-like.

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