December 30, 2013

2013/2014 Winter Makeup Trends

In a previous post I did the makeup trends I'd like to see coming into play, but now I'm posting this winters makeup trends via Vogue.

Lip Trends
-Matte Ombre.
-Nude Lipstick.
-Subtle Nude Gloss.
-Deep Matt Lipsticks.
-Foundation with Powder on top (creates a matte dry lip).

Brow Trends
-Full Brows.
-Pale/Blonde/Washed-Out Brows.
-Light/Natural Brows.

EyeLiner Trends
-Thin subtle black line along top lash line.
-Liquid silver lined cat-eyes.
-Thick Black cat eyes on top lash line and dashed lines on the lower.
-No Liner/Natural.
-Heavy/Messy Liner on Lower lid.

Blush/Contour Trends
-No Blush.
-Nude Blushes.
-Subtle amounts of blush applied.
-Light Bronze Contouring.

EyeShadow Trends
-Maroon metallic cream eyeshadow applied all over upper lid and blended into crease and lower lid.
-Nude eyeshadow several shades darker than skintone applied all over eye area.

Mascara/Lash Trends
-No Mascara.
-Subtle amounts of black mascara on curled upper lashes.
-Thick amounts of black mascara applied on lower lashes.

Foundation Trends
-Matte skin with a slight dewy-ness (try facial mists or a skintoned shimmery powder to add dew on top of makeup).

Nail Color Trends
-Red polish.

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