December 09, 2012

Wine Reviews

Lately I have been trying new wines and such, I think me trying to make a citrus-free sangria has sparked my interest lately... plus their are tonssss of wines out their so why not post some reviews of some common wines found at my local grocers. If you must know... I have been starting with the Zinfandel family and I am not some wine aficionado so if there's any thing you'd like me to answer about these beverages just drop me a comment and hopefully these wine reviews will turn into what you're looking to know about them.

Sutter Home, Zinfandel - 2004
This is a red zinfandel I picked up at Walmart, and it is produced in California. It does have a good rich amount of grape flavor, it is dry, and a bit bold. This has the new age rubber cork and it is a very common grocery store wine. This to me just seems like an average tasting wine, more flavorful than the other two wines on here in my opinion, and this is fairly nice to mix with some rich fruit juice, and I could see drinking this almost any time of the year really but probably more so during fall season.

Little Penguin, Pinot Noir
My friend picked this wine up (I've actually seen this sold at a local Asian grocers in Chantilly, VA called Lotte for under $9), it's not a zinfandel like the other two on here, he claimed though that it's one of the best cheap wines out their, and it's produced from south eastern Australia. Honestly I didn't care for this one too much, definitely has to be served chilled to bring out the flavor. This did actually have a real cork in it and my friend didn't even have a wine bottle opener so... we had to stab this baby into the bottle to get it open, lol. This is apparently best drank along with some hearty vegetables, Camembert or Chaumes cheese, turkey, Italian sausage, and herb roasted pork type dishes, so it's probably better suited for fall season in my opinion.

Wild Vines, White Strawberry Zinfandel
This is a white zinfandel with a light pink tint to it which I picked up from Kmart, it is a bit high in calories for those watching their waste-line, and it is yet another California made wine. The scent of this definitely smells like strawberry's although the actual strawberry flavor isn't as strong as the scent. It has the most taste at the beginning then at the end where it just dissipates into that typical white zinfandel wine taste. It is very light in taste, would be great during spring or summer months served with some dessert such as cheesecake. I don't find this to be dry like that of the Sutter Home mentioned on here. It's very easy to down the entire bottle of this in comparison to the other two on here. Unlike the other bottles this does have a twist off cap rather than a cork.

Out the 3 on here I'd say I liked the Strawberry Zinfandel best because it is just nice, light, and not really dry... great for romantic night or enjoying a nice spring time picnic. My second choice would be the Sutter Home because it does have a nice richness to it although a bit too dry to drink on its own in my opinion. Little Penguin was just lacking for me all together but maybe I haven't tried that many pinot noir to really know much about them.

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