December 05, 2012

New Lipsticks and Review

I haven't been buying any new makeup lately which is why you've probably seen a lack of makeup posts on here. I just have too much makeup as it is right now, and with school, work, etc... I have little time to do any new looks. However, I did just buy two Maybelline ColorSensational lipsticks ($7.19 per lipstick at Rite Aid) one is Magnificent Mauve #430 which I believe is a new shade in this collection and the other is Sparkling Sand #740.
Wearing Maybelline's 'Magnificent Mauve' Lipstick
Today at work I decided to try out Magnificent Mauve and a lot of my male co-workers were like "ohhh... nice lipstick, what's the occasion" so, positive reactions to the shade as I usually just wear more natural colors. I do really like this color, it's probably my favorite shade of Mauve right now. My past fave shade of Mauve was Maybelline's lipstick in Sassy Mauve although darker and I usually ended up having to blot it down a bit to suite my pale complexion, but Magnificent Mauve is close to perfect for me as it's mostly pink with a bit of blue undertone to it making it a smidge purple although not really what I'd I'd call a fuchsia (because fuchsia shades look yuckster on me, hah). It also has some very fine silver-ish shimmer to it which gives it a bit of shine, and also the ColorSensational lipsticks are a bit sheer so they'll probably look a bit different on everyone, and also my lips are not really pigmented in color naturally (if that helps).
Left to Right: Sparkling Sand, and Magnificent Mauve
Sparkling Sand really doesn't look like much on myself, it just adds a shiny sheen to my lips and is a nude pale shade with fine shimmers, very sheer on the lips.

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