December 30, 2012

New Years Resolutions for 2013

It's THAT time of year again where I decide to try and make several resolutions for myself. Of course losing weight always ends up back on this list because... I have neglected this year after YEAR, and MAYBE just maybe it will stick one year (a little weightloss inspo). A few other resolutions... I'd like to become nicer and friendlier, and I think at one point it was working out but... I'm not perfect, I got an attitude at times... I'm just human after-all, haha.

I did make a resolution one year that I stuck to... and that was going through my cellphone phonebook and deciding who needed to be removed from my contact list and who I really wanted to keep being friends with into the New Year. I want people in my life who enrich it for the better, I don't need numerous numbers from past dates I've had and people I no longer wish to associate with. When I take those people off my list they are off forever basically, regardless of their many attempts to contact me via phone, email, Facebook, etc... sometimes you just have to do what's best for you, a little tough love. So, to kick start my contact list I text messaged a bunch of people "Merry Christmas", the lack of response back just means they'll be someone taken off my contact list, and that's my closure into the New Year.

I also hope to enjoy taking many photo's with my new DSLR camera (I will share more about that soon on here!). I'd also like to travel more and use more of my vacation time up in the New Year. I think this year the only places I traveled to were Jacksonville, FL, San Diego, CA, Charlotte, NC, and Hickory, NC... I was suppose to go to Tennessee but then I never got to due to work. I know some people may not travel at all but for myself I have airline benefits so not traveling for me... is kind of a big deal especially since I have family all over the US and it's something I enjoy doing. I really hope to fly overseas to another country, I think that will be a definite New Years resolution for me... I may even have to add my friend Ching-Chong onto my flight benefits since he's the only person who will do anything spontaneous with me really.

Another resolution is... I want to finish getting my bathroom remodeled, I want to donate most of my clothes since I feel like I haven't done much donating over the last year or so... plus my closet is stuffed with clothes I have no interest in wearing anymore. I really wanted to have my car paid off this December but... things happen so, I'm definitely going to make that a New Years resolution as well for the new year. My last resolution for the New Year is that I want to do more DIY projects and share those on my blog with everyone since I really haven't done too many of those aside from recipes and a few beauty tutorials plus, I got a new sewing machine back in October so getting back into that has been a bit fun.

Well, that's my list of resolutions and I hope everyone has a very happy New Year!

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