May 24, 2012

TAG! What's Your Fragrance?

I don't usually do tags but I thought this one was fun since I do love perfumes although I did change a few of the questions ;D

1) Body Spray or Perfume?
Perfume, it seems a bit more heavy and long lasting where as body spray seems soo junior high to me.

2) Fruity, floral, warm, spicy, or food smell?
I generally go for the fruity florals, but vanilla/chocolate get my vote for the food smell.

3) What's your all time favorite perfume?
That's a tough question but I recently found a discontinued perfume which I really love and thats Emporio Armani in White.

4) What's your all time favorite body spray?
I wouldn't say this is my all time fave body spray only because it's a recent one that I've tried and happened to like which is White Gardenia by Bodycology... plus it's fairly cheap and really smells like gardenia.

5) What perfume are you wearing right now.
S by Shakira

6) Name a perfume you regret purchasing?
Curve, because a guy told me how he loved this scent and when I wore it he didn't say anything about it, plus I didn't care for the smell and another guy told me I smelled like his mom, eh.

7) What was the first perfume you ever purchased for yourself?
I believe it may have been Clinque in Happy otherwise I think it was DKNY in Be Delicious.

8) What's your favorite fragrance on a guy?
Tommy Hilfiger. That's like catnip to me, haha.

9) Which perfume would you wear while going on a date?
Well for me it generally depends on who my date is, but I'd pick M by Mariah Carey.

10) Which perfume or body splash is on your wishlist?
I wish I could try every perfume there is, but I'd love to own a big bottle of Usher UR, and a new one I want is Ralph Lauren in Big Pony #2.

11) Least favorite perfume someone gave you?
Beautiful by Estee Lauder, I just don't find this appealing, it fades badly, and it smells like my friends mom (even my friend agreed to that! lol).

12) Which perfume do you tend to wear the most often?
Fantasy by Britney Spears it's sweet, it upsets my parents, guys seem to enjoy it... what more can a girl ask for, lol.

So, TAG your it! Now it's your turn to answer these questions.

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