May 09, 2012

Successful First Date Makeup

During Cinco de Mayo this past week I had a successful first date with someone. So, I wanted to share my first date makeup look I did (which I've done another first date makeup look on here before, and ironically they're practically the same, lol) as well as some tips for the type of look that I think seems first date appropriate. This is also a look I do for my work makeup, although I don't always do the cat-eye effect.

Base: Garnier BB Cream in Light/Medium.
Concealer/ Liquid Foundation: Maybelline 24hr Stay in Sand Beige. (I was out of my concealer so I had to make my liquid foundation suffice).
Powder: Maybelline pressed powder in Golden, and Revlon pressed-powder in Light (Golden was making my face to neck color look off so I actually liked Revlon's shade better when I put it on over top).

Blush, Highlight and Contour
Cheeks: e.l.f. in Pink Passion
Highlight: Physicians Formula in Miami Strip (lightest shades)
Contour: NYC bronzer in Sunny

Primer: e.l.f. eye primer.
All over color: Wet N Wild eyeshadow in Brulee.
Under-brow Highlight Color: Wet N Wild eyeshadow in the Greed palette (lightest shimmer shade).
Crease Color and Outer Lower Lid Color: Wet N Wild eyeshadow in the Greed palette (matte tan shade).
Upper Lid Cat-Eye Color: L.A. Colors eyeshadow in Black.
Mascara: Maybelline The Falsies Flared in Blackest Black (Apply several coats to the top lashes. A light coat to the outer lower lashes is optional).

Groom: Boots No7 clear brow gel
Base: Wet N Wild brow pencil in Taupe
All Over Color: Prestige brow-shadow in light/medium (lightest shade).

Base: Aquaphor healing ointment
Lipstick: Revlon in Primrose (my second lipstick option was Revlon in Demure)
Gloss: Revlon in Peach Petal

-Try to keep your makeup looking natural, a lot of guys will say how they don't like makeup but I feel that they just don't like super unnatural looking makeup... like bold red lips or drag-queen eye makeup.

-Don't apply anything to your face that you aren't going to be comfortable with... first dates can be nerve-wrecking enough so perhaps pass on those false lashes.

-If you've had the chance to get to know your date before you actually go out on the date, find out their personal style through pictures, or find out what type of person they're looking for... like my date stated how he wanted a "normal" girl, not one with "two-toned hair". Also take into consideration the venue of your date, your outfit (which if you're like me you'll change your clothes a hundred times and ultimately have no clue what you'll probably end up wearing), or even things like the weather.

-You don't want a look that is too complex, people get confused and put-off when you have too many things going on (like rainbow hair extensions, bold eye makeup and lips, etc). You don't need to look like Punky Brewster to stand out as a person, let your personality shine through and look like yourself... after all if things workout with this person then they'll eventually see you without makeup on at some point.

-You want a look that is warm, soft, flirty/romantic/intimate, youthful, and friendly... make yourself appear approachable (not like Marilyn Manson!).

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