April 16, 2012

Quick & Simple Vanilla Flavored Tea

This weekend I went to a local tea cafe for the first time where I tried their "Bourbon Street Vanilla" which was a decaf tea. The aroma from the hot vanilla scented tea was simply intoxicating in itself... and I'm not even a fan of hot tea, nor have I ever tried vanilla flavored tea (and I'm not really fan of fruity teas). So, I decided to experiment at home to try and replicate this tea which actually turned out to be REALLY easy, and it pretty much tastes exactly the same as what I had at the tea cafe.

What You'll Need
1 tea bag - Lipton's Decaf Tea (or any plain tea of your choice may work)
1-2 tsp - Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract
1 Cup/Mug - Water
Sugar/Sweetener *Optional*
Ice *Optional*

Start by pouring cold bottle water and the vanilla extract into a microwavable mug (fill about halfway) and heat the water for about 1-2 minutes in the microwave, until warm/hot (or you could boil the water). Next, place the tea bag in the water for a minute or two and remove (you can add sugar/sweetener now if you want). Then, fill up the mug the rest of the way with cold bottle water (add ice for an ice tea version) and stir with a spoon. Drink and enjoy the vanilla goodness!

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