March 04, 2012

Uncharted 3 Game Review

I decided to do a new type of post today which is a bit outside of what I normally do on here, and I'm only doing this since I got a PS3 this past x-mas. So, I got three Uncharted games with it which I finished playing Uncharted 3 awhile back but I thought I'd do a review on it now that I've played a couple other similar type games. Although this is a third installment of the Uncharted series I didn't feel that it was necessary to have played any of the previous games in order to understand what was going on in this one so, you won't feel lost which is a plus.
I just jumped out of a falling cargo plane in the middle of a desert... and lived, WHAT!
Adventure games are definitely the type of games I enjoy playing the most and I felt this one was relatively easy in my opinion with clips and movies in between and during game play (similar game play as with the Final Fantasy series if you're familiar with that). It has nice graphics although at first I felt like all the men characters looked a bit like Bruce Willis, heh.

I didn't like that I couldn't really span the camera angle out further away and that it doesn't really automatically adjust on its own which makes game play a bit difficult when in pursuit of an enemy (or maybe I'm just not use to playing on a PlayStation, heh). Loads of gun shooting in this, especially in the later half of the game... which isn't really my thing but it's kinda fun when you get a gun that really blows things up :P

I love how most of the scenes end during the beginning levels as there's always a unique way in which they have made you escape from the towns usually so, you generally don't end up having to back track in this game. I didn't have any issues with lag or glitches, there is some loading parts here and there as with most games on PlayStation it seems so nothing too annoying, and there may be a few times where buildings and such may abstruct your character from getting a better view at your surroundings.

By the end of the game I began to wonder what happened to the other two characters in this... or maybe I just missed that part, idk. Anyhow, the ending of the game (slight SPOILER alert ahead!) is a bit disappointing I thought since it felt like a typical romance soap-op scenario but... that's kind of how this game is so, don't be fooled by the weird mafia-like intro at beginning of the game. Overall, I wasn't sure I would like this game or even get around to playing it, but now I can safely say that I do recommend this game if you're into fairly realistic shooting adventure type games... or maybe even if you're not into shooting games like myself then this may be one in which you find you enjoy ;) I've only played a handful of PS3 games thus far but this one is definitely at the top of my list.

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