February 29, 2012

I Caught Vivitar!

Before you start saying "WTF Miso-Happy?!" to my new digital camera... let me clarify... it is a USED digital camera from eBay, but new to me of course. Anyway... I won this Vivitar ViviCam 4100 as a Best Offer (total cost ended up being $13.37) so, yes me and the seller haggled the price like crazy but... it was actually really fun, haha.
My new... err, used cheap 4MP cam ;P
First off, I totally did not need this camera and some of you may already know I have a pretty sweet camera already but... I wanted a change and while this wasn't exactly what I had in mind (AT ALL!) I wanted to see why this is currently the best ranked Vivitar cam via Flickr.

Now before you start saying things like "meh, get outta here with your 4 MegaPixel USED cam", I really think you should checkout these photos by Gussie_j, herb36, and auroral tempest who all used this camera to take really nice looking pictures. Another thing you should know... the number 1 ranked camera (probably due to its ease of phone/cam use) on Flickr is... the iPhone 4 which, only has 5 MP (so, think about that!).

Who knows, maybe I'll give this cam a makeover, or perhaps something similar to this ;D

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