March 13, 2012

Maybelline Mineral Power Loose Powder - Quick Review

After realizing I had bought Maybelline's Mineral Power Loose Powder in not only there Translucent shade but also in Ivory and now having used both products recently I decided to give my opinion of the product.
First off, I have dry skin that tends to get a bit shiny throughout the day without the proper makeup powder to set my look, this powder did close to nothing for me. I found the Translucent shade a bit odd because as it has a white-pink color to it, it does not appear to look that way once applied (hence it looked a bit translucent on as intended). The other odd thing I found about this shade is that it didn't seem to work as well as the Ivory shade did for me... so, it might be that way with the other non-translucent shades in this. However, both shades did not seem to do anything for me after about an hour or two after application... it left my face looking shiny as though I had never applied it at all.

This loose powder was definitely not what I was hoping for so I'm not going to recommend it to people... unless you like having little to no coverage and don't need to set your liquid foundation or moisturizer. Even the stubby applicator brush got tossed aside when I got this as I replaced it by using my own foundation makeup brush. I didn't think that this powder had made me look cake-y until I had used the wrong makeup brush one day and my mom basically said "your face looks cake-y today", LOL (no sh*t! haha).

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