January 11, 2012

Famous Baked BBQ Wings

This recipe of mine is pretty basic and easy, but I love how my wings turn out and I love this Famous Dave's BBQ sauce although you could also use your own favorite BBQ sauce.
3lbs (or one dozen) of Chicken Wings
1 bottle (20oz) of Famous Dave's Sweet and Zesty BBQ Sauce

1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.
2. Using a large bowl pour most of the BBQ sauce into it as needed and fully coat each wing in the sauce.
3. Set wings in a single layer upside down on a large baking pan (cover pan in aluminum foil for easier clean-up). Use two pans if you have to.
4. Bake the chicken wings for about 30 minutes (until halfway cooked). Remove from oven, flip the wings over on the pan (you may want to drain off any excess chicken grease in the pan at this time), and spoon over some additional BBQ sauce on top. Continue cooking for an additional 30 minutes or until fully cooked.
5. Remove the wings from the oven. Eat and Enjoy!

*I like my wings to look dark in color but if you want them less blackened looking than add the sauce onto the wings after about 45 minutes of cooking instead of starting them out fully coated in BBQ sauce. I think one 20oz bottle of BBQ sauce could probably do around 6lb of chicken wings. If you like the typical American restaurant style BBQ Sauce which is more on the spicy side rather than sweet try Franks RedHot Sauce as this is generally what's used (I know that since a friend of mine is a chef).

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Mrs. Behind These Blue Eyes said...

Yum!! I love BBQ, I will definitely have to try this )