December 30, 2011

Food Arrest

I recently had a check-up with my doctor and she wasn't pleased with my 20lb gain over the past 2 years and told me "I'm putting you on a diet... and I want you to walk 10,000 steps a day... so get a pedometer". To which I then tried to throw a math problem at her by asking "so if I walk 10,000 steps a day at 3mph, how long would I have to walk"... she thought for a second and told me "I don't know, you do the math", LOL. So to simplify this math problem... if I walk 1 step per second than that's 60 steps a minute... so 60 x 60 is 3600 steps an hour... which means I'd have to do nearly 3 hours of walking a day (booooya doctor lady!! hah).

Now if you're like whoaaa that's a lot of walking... I'm not a gym rat which is why a pedometer comes into play as it'll count how much I move/walk throughout the course of a day at work or where ever I go. So now I feel as though I'm on food arrest or something as I have to sport a pedometer where ever I go so that I can basically be tracked (much like a person on house arrest, heh). Not to mention I'm having to start dieting again and well... I obviously have an idea of what not to eat... its just a matter of sticking to a healthy diet that I semi loath, bleh.
In case there were any dis-believers, here's proof!
On the upside my mom is proud that I have a positive outlook on this... and why wouldn't I? I only have myself to blame for eating cr*p food and having a lack of self control at times, pfff. Besides, I want to lose weight and having the doctor tell me to do something, well... it gives me a professionals nudge to what I've been needing to hear. So, lets get physical ;) physically fit you pervs! haha.

*Add this to my New Years resolution list*


Keli said...

You're not alone.I to am going on a diet and have gained a good 20 pounds in the last couple of years or so.

Walking is the best,and the easiest.I never put to mind how many steps.but 10,000 extra steps a day ceratinly sounds right for me..hahahaha..:)

Hang in there..We will walk it off!!

Great blog!!


MISO-HAPPY said...

Thanks so much, I'm glad I'm not alone on my quest :)