January 16, 2012

Dollar Tree Haul

One store I use to dread being dragged to when I was younger...the Dollar Tree. Now that I'm older I actually find some okay stuff so... don't knock it till ya tried it, haha. It pays to save!
My slightly intoxicated face ;P
Using the L.A. Colors palette in Trendy, I created the above look (not the best pic to see the makeup on, bleh). Also in this pic was my first time ever wearing false lashes out...I didn't do the best job applying them and I still don't find these Ardell lashes (Black 137) to be dramatic enough to make much impact to my natural lashes. These Ardell lashes were also some of the most dramatic ones I could find at CVS. So, where the heck do Vegas show girls get their lashes cuz those might work better for my personal preference???! Heh.
Dollar Tree Haul
From left to right here are the Dollar Tree items I picked up.... I got the 6 set L.A. Colors palette called Eye Candy, these seem best applied via finger method. I also got the trio palette called Lemon Grove and I love the green shade in this thus far. I got the neutral 12 palette in Trendy as I mentioned earlier. I bought 3 e.l.f. eyelid primers because... they were only a dollar each (obviously right) and I'm having high hopes for the stuff (thus I stocked up) ;D I also bought a facial scrubber... not an item I'd use everyday but rather as needed with my facial cleanser.

I was surprised to find the L.A. Colors eyeshadow aren't too bad at all really...a little chalky so you may get some "fall-out" and soft in texture, I'd pick these over the e.l.f. eyeshadows any day. Dollar Tree also had the older style Almay eyeshadow trios which are pretty decent as well...matter of fact I went to Wal-Mart afterwards and came across a lady who was wondering about the Dollar Tree's makeup as well...so I definitely helped her out (every time I'm in the makeup isles lately it seems someone is asking my advice... always happy to help, hehe).


Mrs. Behind These Blue Eyes said...

I love my Neutral 12 shadow palette from la colors!! It works really well with the Elf primer too :) x

MISO-HAPPY said...

Awesome, so far I'm liking it as well :)