January 22, 2012

DIY Lomography Tutorial

This weekend I attempted giving digital images a lomo makeover using the edit feature in the Windows Live Photo Gallery program. I came up with this tutorial myself so let me know what you think or how this worked out for you.
Before and After
Adjust Detail
Step 1: Reduce noise by clicking analyze and reduce it as much as possible (right), do not sharpen the image (left).
Adjust Color
Step 2: Reduce tint to a low faded resolution as much as possible (left).
Step 3: Raise the color temperature almost all the way up (right).
Step 4: Lower the saturation to where the image starts to look faded and almost gray in color (left).
Adjust Exposure
Step 5: Increase the shadows as much as possible (left).
Step 6: Increase the Highlight slightly but don't completely wash out the image (right).
Step 7: Brightness might increase slightly (right).
Step 8: Contrast might decrease slightly (left).
Save Image and Start Adjusting again...
Adjust Color
Step 9: Slightly increase the color temp (right).
Step 10: Slightly increase saturation (right).
Step 11: Very slightly increase tint (right).
Adjust Exposure
Step 12: Reduce shadows slightly (left).
Step 13: Increase highlights slightly (right).

Note: Keep in mind if your image is not as bright as this one started out then the settings could vary.

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