January 23, 2012

Recent Miscellaneous Item Haul

I mostly wanted to share some new items I have gotten recently... I don't really follow any trends for the most part and I'm not overly obsessed with fashion like I am by cosmetics. I just try to buy things I enjoy that make me happy and fit :) However, there are a few others online whose style I can often relate to or feel inspired by... This Chicks Got Style (I like how she has basic staple pieces but also has a stand out piece to her outfits), Ballet and Pink Roses (I think her style works nicely for my age, and I currently love her natural makeup looks via YouTube), and a recent one I found is Mariannan.
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-Silver Chunky Sparkle Jordana Nail Polish - Kmart (I haven't tried this yet but it seems like a trending color right now, Essie has a similar one out)
-Olay with Touch of Foundation - Target (I'm on my second bottle of this stuff, I like it so much better than there "Touch of Sun" version)
-Glade Candle in Water Blossoms - Kmart (I bought this because I love the aerosol spray in this stuff but the candle was disappointing and smells a bit masculine to me)
-Revlon Lash Glue - Drugstore.com (I got this because I think I might be allergic to Ardell's latex lash glue and this stuff worked fine for me)
-White Watch - WetSeal (this was free during WetSeal's Black Friday sale when you spent a certain amount of money)
-Black Lace Ballet Flats - Kmart (these are my first pair of ballet flats, they're cute but I'm still unsure if I really like ballet flats in general... I look too short :P)
-Long Gold Earrings - WetSeal (these are too long and heavy for my personal taste and at some point I'll mod these to about half the length and perhaps make a bracelet out of the other one, these match a necklace I got from Target awhile back)
-Feather Earrings - (I think my mom got these at Rugged Warehouse and they're pretty cute)
-Imoshion Black Faux Fur Purse - TJMaxx (I'm really liking this brand of purse which is why I got this cute furry handbag, my other Imoshion purse has really held up as my everyday bag)
-Black Vest with Leopard Print Collar - Kmart (For some reason I couldn't resist this vest, I think I found the leopard collar appealing, hah)
-Big Black Tote Bag - TJMaxx (originally $110 I got it for $60 and thought this would be a cute alternative for my purple Target tote that I use for school, it also came with a wallet)
-White Washcloths - TJMaxx (I needed some new washcloths and these were a good deal :P )
-Black and White Skirt - WetSeal (yes, I have a bit of a bum due to my Spanish side I guess, hahah...)

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