January 26, 2012

Decor Shopping at Target

I went over to Target last weekend and came across sooo many cute things that I really wanted to buy! However, all I ended up buying was one of these cute red Chinese fu dog bookends (yeaaa.. for celebrating Chinese New Year!)... I might regret not having bought its mate later, heh. I guess the Target fu dogs also come in other colors but I only saw the red ones at my local store. I also found that CWonder is currently selling the same fu dogs as a 2 set for $58 (with shipping is an additional $8.50) and they come in 4 different colors (so yea, it's much pricier there too).
Whoaaa... can I buy this entire isle at Target? LOL! I just loooove nearly everything :D I def wanna go back though and get the chevron throw pillows.
Speaking of CWonder I purchased 2 ikat bowls in navy blue on their website, I just had to have them after viewing soooo many ikat patterns online all week (see my inspo for this splurge)! IDK, I'm just totally addicted to ikat designs right now! I'm also thinking of making a trip out to IKEA for some things... oh, and plus its a total WIN for me because I'm meeting my recent love interest over that way too, woot!

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