January 25, 2012

A trip to Mayport Naval Station

For those that don't know I was born a Navy brat however, that was fairly short lived and now a friend of mine happens to be in the Navy. So a few weeks ago we both decided to meet-up before he went "under-way" as they say in the Navy (it pays to have flight benefits BTW ;P). It was also nice to get away from the 14F weather we were having in DC as Jacksonville, FL was a nice sunny 70F... I needed a mini vay-k anyway.
Going to the Mayport Naval Station is pretty cool really... especially since they have practically everything a person could need without really having to venture off base. From rental car service, to a WIFI billiard bar, an on-site hotel, a chapel and church, rental car service, bowling alley, and my personal favorite while there... the beach ;) Our last night together was spent snapping night photos along the moon-lit beach, walking down to St. Johns Light Station and relaxing on the sand... the pics were pretty cool looking and he happens to have one of the number 1 and most popular cameras right now... the Nikon D90 (pshh... leave it to me the recent camera enthusiast to know that, hah).

The diet of a bachelor living on base seemed to consist of bologna and cheese sandwiches (to which I hadn't had a bologna sandwich in forever!). They also seem to love bacon... I mean, what crazy person doesn't?? Haha. The beer of choice in his shared hotel style room... Stella Artois, which I personally think has an odd beef jerky taste to it. Interestingly enough for a guy that use to DJ back in college and listened to underground hip hop he now finds himself listening to electronic, techno and ambient type of music... Kaskade being one of his favorites (which is nice, relaxing, and a bit meditative). His split hotel style room is shared with several guys (4 in total)... one whom I happened to catch texting on his bed while in his boxers... oppsie, better knock next time, haha.

If you're hoping for photo's well... my 2 year old cellphone battery expired shortly after I got to JAX airport which was a bit lucky but unfortunate as well :P If my friend emails me the photos we took on his camera than I'll post them up here for you to see.

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