November 06, 2011

Maybelline Baby Lips - Review

I had watched a YouTube review (can't remember who it was) on Maybelline Baby Lips and decided to purchase the recommended shade/flavor called Pink Punch.

It's a cute shade for spring although I'm not sure the color is uber flattering on myself (probably looks best with some pink blush on the cheeks). I do find it moisturizing (lasting well over an hour but not 8 hours as advertised) and it is nice that it has SPF 20. For a chapstick type of product it does have nice pigmentation in the colored ones, especially for being a bit sheer. The scent is of fruit punch although a bit artificial smelling, I can detect some citrus and berry notes in it. The packaging for Pink Punch is pretty cute with its bubble gum pink and yellow lipstick dispenser, very youthful and girly :P I probably wouldn't buy this shade again, perhaps one of the clear shades I might though and then just wear regular gloss/lipstick over top.

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