October 30, 2011

MAC Dupes

This weekend I decided to try and find a few MAC dupes using eyeshadows I currently own, enjoy ;)

MAC Next to Nothing - Maybelline Quad in Designer Chocolates (Lid shade)
The Maybelline one is slightly more tan/gold while Next to Nothing is a bit more white. I think I actually prefer Maybelline's color although these two shades are very similar and I have "hit pan" on both eyeshadows.
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MAC Dark Edge - Revlon Rich Sable
These two shades are very similar although Rich Sable may have slightly more red to it, I do feel this is a nice dupe regardless. Over the two colors... I actually prefer the MAC because I think it applies soft/smooth during application and the Revlon feels a bit dry/chalky in texture and applies a bit more unevenly.
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MAC Tempting - Maybelline Urban Brown
Urban brown applies a bit more dark than Tempting, the shade may look drastically more dark in one of the photo's but in person if you applied this on your lids, I really don't think you'd notice much difference between the two. Tempting does appear to have more shimmer to it than Urban Brown but once swatched I couldn't really notice a difference in shimmer. I think Urban Brown applies slightly better than Tempting as it's more pigmented, and I had to build up Tempting's color a bit to look as intense as Urban Brown. I do feel this is a good dupe if you're wanting to darken Tempting as much as the Urban Brown, but if you want a shade that starts off lighter but can go darker than choose Tempting, although you could probably blend out (or apply less) Urban Brown to appear lighter.
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