November 08, 2011

Dieting - First Week

As some of you may already know (if you follow me on Twitter) I have recently started a calorie counting diet. It hasn't even been a week yet and I've lost nearly 5lb. I try to keep my calories in the normal range of how many calories I should be consuming for a healthy weight range for myself which is between 1270-1470 calories. I don't like to have an exact set point for my calories as I think its better to have more of a range as to not hit a pause in my weight loss and to keep my body guessing a bit . I also don't eat the exact same things and portions every day as I think it's good to mix it up and keep your body guessing, and also to not get bored and tired of dieting or depriving my body of certain foods (in hopes of curving cravings as well).

This is one of my favorite quick breakfast meals to make thus far...

1 Cup Rice Chex cereal = 100 Cal
1/2 Cup Milk (I use 2% but you could use 1% or something else if you want fewer calories) = 65 Cal
1 Medium Banana (7inch), Sliced = 105 Cal
1TBSP Ground Cinnamon = 17 Cal

Total Calories = 287

If you're wondering... "why aren't you exercising?", actually I am just starting out by cutting my calories and getting my body use to my calorie cut the first week, because if I cut my calories plus workout I will be cutting more calories... I'd prefer to take things slow and let my body/mind adjust to one big change at a time. Once I do start working-out I am going to keep it simple for now by just walking 20 minutes a day 3 times a week (which is an hour of exercise a week). Sure, I could walk for an hour once a week but I think it is more beneficial to break it up in segments so my body doesn't go through long workout lulls, and as to not cut too many calories in one day... nor do I want to keep my workouts too incredibly short (just do what works for you at your own pace/life-style, although I'd recommend starting slow).

As for other things to add to this post... it takes a lot of mental discipline on my part to keep myself from wanting to overeat beyond the calories I've set for myself but it seems easier everyday. Everyday that I do good by not going over my calorie limit really just boosts my confidence and self control/discipline in myself. So, to anyone else out there wanting to start dieting... just keep faith in yourself, take baby steps, don't try to stress yourself over it (do it for you and nothing else) and try to gain control over what you're putting into your body. You CAN do it!

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