September 24, 2011

Home Decor DIY's

The last week or so I've been doing some home DIY's which weren't too difficult to do but something to help pass the time.
I love chevron style decor!
I had this big generic looking wood framed cork-board in my closet which I had used to tack up my earrings before and I decided to give it a good 7hr makeover :P I used a big bottle of acrylic white paint and a small bottle of dark gray paint (yes, the cheap stuff works fine) which I got from Wal-Mart and Michael's. I made a 6 x 3 1in thick "L" shaped stencil and then traced out the pattern onto my cork-board once my 4 coats of white paint (big sponge brush used for that) had dried. Then I hand painted (2 different sized flat square paint brush's used) where I had traced my stencil lines and filled it in with the dark gray paint.
Quick and Easy Vanity Tray
I found this symmetrical black picture frame from TJMAXX the other day and decided to turn it into a small vanity tray. I removed the stand from the back of the frame and cut out a piece of scrapbook paper to put into the frame. I used a piece of cardboard to replace the stand I had removed, clipped it into place and it was finished, easy. You could even wrap or frame a thin piece of fabric over the glass frame as another option to do this project.

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