September 23, 2011

Gyaru Inspired Eye Makeup

Generally Gyaru style makeup consists of circle contact lenses and over-exaggerated false lashes however, the look I did (below) does not consist of either of those.
Eye Primer: Loreal Decrease
All Over Eye Base Color: Revlon Skinlights (first shade on left of palette) and Maybelline in Almond Satin (lightest shade) over top.
Lid: MAC in Sharp, apply at the outside of the lid and blend it out going toward the inside of the lid.
Outer V and Crease: MAC in Dark Edge, apply at the outside of the lid and blend it up into the crease going toward the inner eye (cat eye the outer V line to come straight out rather then upward).
Lower Lid: MAC in Dark Edge, you want to follow the top cat eye line but don't connect the two together (you want a small gap between them) and blend out the line going toward the inner eye. You also don't want the eyeshadow near the top of the lid near the water line (you want there to be a slight gap).
Upper Lid Liner: Milani gel liner in Black, line the entire top lashline and drag the liner out past the eye 1-2cm (follow the outside base line you did with your upper cat-eye eyeshadow).
Lower Waterline Liner: Almay pencil in Black, only apply about 1-2cm in the center of the water line (under where the iris is).
Mascara: Covergirl LashBlast in Very Black, apply several coats of mascara on top lashes and 1 small coat on the bottom lashes (keep the outer bottom lashes a bit bolder then the inner ones).
Brows: Prestige brows in Light to Medium (lightest shade).


LNatz MakeUp Artist said...

Youre so beautifull..!! a little tips, mayb add some more white pencil in the waterline and add thick fake lashes for doll look..

give it a try..


MISO-HAPPY said...

Most fake lashes bother me (as stated in this post I wanted to do this look without fake lashes), as does filling in my waterline. I'll try and do an updated gyaru look in the future though, thanks Lidya.