August 06, 2011

Jersey Shore Italy

It's easy to diss a show like Jersey Shore but if you haven't really watched it and given it a chance does become a bit addictive, lol. Besides the fact these people can actually live together for more than 1 season in comparison to shows like Real World where race, sexual preference and how you were raised generally plays an issue. Anyhow, here's what went down on Episode 1 in J-Shore Italy in case you missed it...

This week on Jersey Shore Italy they all arrive at their Italian home, the boys arrive their first stopping in Spain while the girls get in hours later after landing in Germany. This means the boys stake claim on the best rooms in the house leaving the girls to later work it out with what's left, but no huge deal. The hardest thing for everyone is getting their hair appliances to work in the few outlets there on in the house while trying to figure out the right power usage for their plug converters. This results in the girls finding 1 outlet that works for the flat iron which happens to be in the kitchen, which then results in a too hot flat iron for Deena and it burns her extension out of her hair. The girls have a little trouble getting around the airports as Deena takes a spill at one airport and JWOW has an Australian Gold Bronzer explosion in one of her suitcases and states that 1 can lasts her a whole 10 days. Mike decides to tell Ronnie of all people a secret, stating how him and Snookie hooked up 2-3 months ago while she had apparently been dating her now serious boyfriend Jionni. The Situation also tells him that he's kinda starting to really like Snookie and asks to not let this get around to people in the house. As it turns out only 2 people in the house can drive stick shift so that leaves Pauly and Snookie to be doing all the driving and we know its only a matter of time before Snookie wrecks into an Italian Police car and ends up in Italian jail. For now Ronnie and Sammi are trying to play it cool and enjoy Italy without all their past relationship drama, but at some point they do reconcile their relationship either during or after this season. Vinny has basically become the brains of the whole Italian operation as he is becoming more and more fluent in the local language and basically plays the roll of a translator which comes in handy when the guys want to pickup on local women. If you're wondering if all the girls got bigger boobs this season they didn't, they all just started wearing 2 bras. Snookie and JWOW have also been hitting up the gym and losing weight prior to going to Italy so Snookie tries to find ways to exercise around the house as the girls had trouble finding the gym with an Italian GPS in the car. Deena has her sights set on Smooshing with Pauly while in Italy and she gets him to makeout with her at the club. If you're wondering about Angelina well, she is no longer a part of Jersey Shore as she has stated that the show just wasn't for her and she didn't realize what she had signed up for, one missed her anyway :P
-----------------What's Next?-----------------
If I had to guess what goes down in the next few episodes here's my hypothesis... Ronnie will tell JWOW how Mike told him that he and Snookie hooked up 2-3 months ago back when Snookie was apparently in a serious relationship with her now boyfriend Jionni. Meanwhile Jionni comes to visit Snookie in Italy and finds out about her and Mike hooking up and the sh*t hits the fan for Snookie. Snookie gets upset with Mike and things get rocky around the house for them. Mike then knows Ronnie snitched and told someone about the situation so the two of them finally fight it out and Mike ends up in the hospital. Due to the fact their aren't really any salons Ronnie gets Vinny to cut his hair and before you know it he ends up with a crew cut. The girls also can't seem to find a decent tanning or nail salon while in Italy and the guy that works the local gym seems to be a bit of an old Italian Mr.Miagi creeper.

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