July 27, 2011

Angelic Curly Hair Tutorial

First off, my hair is naturally curly (however my curls aren't as glam as they use to be), a bit thin, layered and dry so if your hair is similar then this curly haired tutorial might work for you too! I like to do this hair style when the humidity is high so that I can use it more to my advantage by letting it have a little natural frizz without looking totally horrific. Since I got complimented on my hair at least 3 different times throughout my day I figured I'd post a tutorial on here.
I think this looks better in person, plus this was toward the end of the night at work.
First I use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner (mine's by John Frieda), once washed I towel dried my hair a bit squeezing most of the water out (you can use a heat protector spray now if you want but I didn't). Next I scrunch my hair a bit with one hand and use a hair dryer on high heat in circular motions around my head while continuing to scrunch trying to bring out as much natural curl as possible. I don't totally dry my hair though, its still a little damp but mostly dry before going on to the next step. Next I use a small 3/8 barrel sized curling iron (by Revlon) and use it in random areas around my head where the natural curl could have looked a bit better. To do this I start at the ends of my hair and wrap upward toward the root (cork screw style), wait a few seconds and release it from the curling iron. Then I spritz my hair with a bit of bohemian beach spray all over (I used David Babaii) to help the tight curls relax a little. Once done I use my hair dryer again but this time on the slower low heat setting, this helps the curls to expand a bit and loosen up creating more natural looking curls, I do this till my hair feels dry. Next I use my curling iron again to define and touch up a few areas I may have missed earlier or that may look a bit too frizzy. Next I use about a dime sized amount of shine serum (I use Silicon Mix) which I rub on my palms and scrunch into my hair, don't comb through the curls with your fingers. Once I get my hair in place I spritz it with a little volumizing hair spray (I used Aussie in an aerosol form) to tame a few fly-aways and then I'm all done creating my curls.

To take this a bit further I did straighten my bangs with a flat iron (BabyBliss Pro)and bobby pinned them back into a bouffant style on top my head.

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