April 10, 2011

Shop Before Work

This lipstick is by Revlon in Siren, it's the brightest orange color I could find at Target today...I really don't think Cheeto is my color though, lolz...but the new bf seemed to like it (it looks a bit more orange in person then this pic btw).
I found several of these adorable white Imoshion purses at TJ Maxx today for $35 which sells for $99 on their site (total steal!!!), thought it was macrame/lace trendy, eheh...but what do I know :P It's part of Imoshion's Spring 1 collection. This is what my mom and I refer to as "grandma cute" haha.


Jenny said...

My super orange lip color looks more red in photos too xD than irl.

Poison said...

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EFT Tapping said...

I'm actually afraid to dare wearing an orange-colored lipstick. But this looks stunning on the model's lips.

What Causes Anxiety said...

The purse looks beautiful. I'm a lover of purses.

MISO-HAPPY said...

Yea Jenny the orange lipstick does tend to come off as red for some reason, I just figured my eyes were playing tricks on me, haha.

Thanks Poison :)

Yea I'm starting to agree with you their EFT!

Thanks WCA, me too!