February 14, 2011

Linganore WineCellars

This weekend I celebrated V-Day a little early with family and friends at Linganore WineCellars. I have never been to a wine tasting before and have always wanted to try it out and get into it, so I finally got my chance and had a great time. It cost $8 per person (must be 21 of course), you get to sample about 12 different wines, get a variety of chocolates (9 peices) and a tour of the winery (all included in the $8!). You can also purchase the wine which ranges in price from $10.38-$33.02 a bottle.

My favorite wine was the Steeple Chase Red which is a "soft semi-sweet red wine with a rich cherry background that is accentuated when served with chocolate; 6% residual sugar", however to me this still has a nice earthy grape flavor, smooth texture and it is also a mix of red and white ($10.38/bottle). My other top wine favorites they had...the Abisso, Bacioni and Terrapin White (in that order). My Dad seemed to prefer the White Raven and Abisso, however he bought the most popular wine of theirs called SkipJack. My mom and I both liked the Steeple Chase Red best but she also enjoyed the Sangria.

Our tour guide was a bit humourous at times as he told us in order to keep the deer out of the vineyard they would play NPR, who can blame the deer for being scared? haha. I also learned that in order to keep the birds out of the vineyard they would have speakers setup to play bird distress calls every five minutes...only problem was the birds were too smart and would fly right back after it was done playing. However, if you place a plastic bag over the speakers it keeps the birds away all the time ;)
I loved the orange cream chocolate that was in the variety of chocolates we got but it didn't seem as though they actually sold any of the chocolates, which we thought was rather odd since we were eatting the chocolates that went with our wine during the taste testing. All in all, this is a really great deal and I do plan on going back again later this year, hopefully to try out some seasonal wines and such.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentines Day this year and MUCH love to my Readers, Subscribers and Friends! XoX
Flowers for my Mom <3

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