December 02, 2010

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Let me start by saying WOW, checkout this Halloween popcorn one of my co-workers brought in to work, SUPER cute, colorful and tasty...just like me!! har-har :P
Those of you that don't follow me on Twitter I was in 2 car accidents over a month ago, one of which I barely rear-ended someone so no damage what-so-ever and the 2nd one that week which resulted in my car hydro-planning in the rain, spinning around and flipping upside down into an embankment on the side of the highway. Unfortunately my car AKA "Made in Japan" (RIP Toyo!) as I often called my car was totalled and thus had to get replaced.
I'm now the owner of this gorgeous new 2011 Mazda which I love dearly thus far as it is my "Zoom-Zoom", hehe. I'm now back in the poor house though due to having car payments for the next few years to work off the new loan. I'm a lucky girl for only coming out of my upside down car with a few minor cuts and bruises.
So happy to learn my dad owned a cam tripod, I got to use it during this pic!
I figured it was getting that time of year that no matter how broke I may be at the moment I am still willing to donate what I do have to a better cause. So I recently donated money to WorldVision and received this lovely handmade Thai bracelet to support exploited women in Africa. Now I just have to keep my mom from stealing my bracelet :P
Dad and I made chilli a few weeks back for a competetion his work had going on. We came in 7th out of 20, not bad for our first time right?!
I spent my Thanksgiving week out in So-Cal with my fam, it was definately nice to get away from work and school for awhile and I feel soo refreshed. I def enjoyed eatting those ripe avocado's my mom saved for me out there, hah. Unfortunately I did not take a single photo during my stay in Cali this time :( So I'll leave you with an updated photo of my current bedroom setup and a pic of the roses the new BF bought me during our first date ;D
Checkout my new damask sheets from TJMaxx!

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Jenny said...

Two accidents!? How horrible!! :(