December 26, 2010

Happy Holidays

I have spent sooo much time at my other blog Guppy-Guide lately, oooh Maguro you are my new bedroom watcher that I enjoy watching as well and such a spoiled and time consuming goldfish. Aquariums and fish are my past time, especially during these colder months where I dare not dwell outside because I loathe the winter time and snow is my kryptonite in life.

Aside from fish however, is my new love interest, friend and all that mushy goodness in between. I finally met someone that I simply adore and best of all our feelings are mutual for one another. I'm sure you all have read about my dating blunders all year long (possibly for 4-5yrs! ya-ouch) and everytime you stop by it is always someone new...yes I move quickly and am resilent but I think my search may be over, or atleast until next year :P

I have lots to share but so little time and energy right now, so I just wanted to wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! May 2011 be a better year for us all!


Anonymous said...

Congrats. I've been reading your blogs over the years and have read all about your struggles with love. You deserve every bit of happiness. ♥ Lola

MISO-HAPPY said...

Thanks, yes...who knew relationships took work, LOL. Well I wouldn't even count on this relationship working honestly but who knows :P