November 17, 2010

Glamour Doll swatches and review

I purchased some eyeshadows from Glamour Doll online recently and wanted to give a quick review and share some swatches.
My package was very business card loaded! LOLZ
This is the Lorena Tower eyeshadow set (photos above taken with flash). Bare Naked is a lovely light gold color which I'd actually use as a deep highlight or all-over shade. Chocoholic is a brown shade with gold shimmer, a nice crease shade. Fabulous! is a pale watery blue shade. All these shades are easily blended out as to not look as vibrant if desired but I noticed that's just how this brand of eyeshadows seems to be. Bare Naked and Chocoholic look so sultry and almost give off a nice natural drama appeal together when applied to the eyes.
Click to view larger image.
Here are a few other eyeshadows I picked up from GD as well. Vanity is a really pretty blue shade with silver glitter. Jerrica is a rich yellow shade with similar glitter to that of Vanity. Flashdance! is a blue-silver shade with a silver-like shimmer to it. Summer Skies is a dark rich purple shade which appears to have a red shimmer to it upclose, the color reminds me of a really bad bruise, heh.

Overall these are worth trying out, the texture of the eyeshadows isn't as loose and messy as a lot of pigment shadows tend to be. The pigments actually seem to stick together a bit, rather then regular loose pigments which tend to fly everywhere and have much more "fall-out" then these. I love the satin texture these have as I'm not a huge fan of shimmery shades and personally prefer matte shades but the sheen of some of these is really pleasant. Some of these shadows do seem more intense and pigmented then others and I noticed that a lot of colors from GD tend to be for a limited time only as there were other shades I wanted but were no longer available.

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