August 28, 2010

I Can Haz Vole

This past week at work after my dinner break I saw something small, practically tail-less, furry and walking a bit slowly around my jobs parking lot (I also saw it hiding in some small shrubs when I arrived at work thinking "how odd to see a tail-less mouse", eheh). Upon closer inspection I thought perhaps it was a mole but I knew moles had big outward digging paws and I knew if it was a mouse it was in fact missing its tail and slow moving. I toyed with it out in the parking-lot like a cat stalking a mouse, debating if I should pick it up (would it bite? Is it sick? It is a wild animal afterall) or not.
After having no luck getting it back into some grass I went back inside to work...I thought about the little fella' all night and figured I'd get a small box, capture it and perhaps relocate him (or a new pet?). I went back out to the luck finding him...I went back again...still no luck and I started to give up. When it was time for me to go home I looked again and saw him laying in the parking lot...he had been ran over by a VW (RIP lil fella'). It didn't stop me from further trying to figure out what the small critter was but I believe it was a vole (as pictured above) and I never knew such an animal even existed.

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