August 24, 2010

Back to School

This week has been an interesting one as I've recently started college...I haven't been to school in around 7 years and yes it's a little bit bothersome trying to get back into the education groove of things. My first day of school and I had an in-class essay to write...I was having total mind block, anxiety, realizing no one is there to actually teach me anything anymore and finding a lack of interest in the story I'm reading which I have to base my essay off of (did an Elementary kid write this cr*p??) totally forgetting that most essays are at least 5 paragraphs of 3-5 sentences each (I think...right?) and I only did 4 paragraphs, I'm having writers block and feel as though I'm just repeating myself in each paragraph *annoyance*. I'm really hoping that this isn't being graded at all and I just get a grade for turning something in for the 15-20 some odd minutes I had to actually complete this essay which is basically based on "when is it right to break the law, or is it, or should you" type of scenario. Also because my ghetto college is still living in the stone-age I couldn't even print my essay from my laptop, luckily I JUST bought a flashcard at Costco this past weekend and was able to eventually find another classroom in which I could use their computer to print off my essay...would've helped if the teacher could've told me which room to go to instead of me having to grab someone in the hallway for help...which really wasn't much help to be honest but I got the job done in the end.

Now that I'm having a slight lack of confidence and feeling scatter brained from my essay I then get an e-mail stating I haven't paid for my classes and get dropped from school all together (RETARDED!). So I pay my bill online through the school website and send a reply message stating I had paid the $790 for my 2 classes. After jumping from person to person via E-Mail I'm now waiting to hear back that I'm A-OK to proceed with my education...*headache*. At this point if they actually do drop me...I want my money back so I can go on vay-k to my hometown in Cali with my mom :P Another pain in the a** would be having to return all my new books I bought which cost around $250. I'm starting to see why so many people do get Financial Aid!

I'm also beginning to wonder if I'll even make any friends at school because I feel like with just 2 classes (about 1 class every other day), the only way I see that happening is if or when we start working in study groups of some sort. I get along so much better with older people though...always have and probably always will for whatever reason so it really doesn't help that these people are fresh outta high school or near my age. I do notice some girls seem to sneer at me or giggle oddly when I enter a classroom (no clue why though!!) and also that I'm possibly the best dressed person in school as raggy t-shirts, short shorts and Wal-mart flip-flops aren't exactly my calling in life. Not to worry, I notice guys around school watching me or trying to make eye contact with me (one I see staring at me from behind in one of my classes in fact)...perhaps they smell fresh meat, heh. I always get along with the boys so much easier then I def won't complain bout that. After writing this post, I'm kinda thinking the writers block has passed now, luck.

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