June 10, 2010

Color Me Bored

About a week ago I came across this patriotic bikini that I didn't wanna pass up for some reason. It was $9 for the top and bottom separates at Wal-Mart which is made by Faded Glory, you can also choose which pieces you want in this similar style and it comes in plus sizes ;)

I was just dieing to buy a dark blue frost polish this past week so I scoured the isles of CVS and came across this gorgeous one by Milani called "Bolting Blue".

For $5 at Wal-Mart I couldn't pass up these earrings! I've noticeably been seeing 'em sell like hotcakes after I got mine and these also come in silver. I honestly think dark blue/purple items that are generally consisting of a diamond shape seem super popular this year!

These $13 Wayfaring sunnies I picked up from Target recently are no joke, I've gotten soo many comments from guys at work like "Barbie", "I love your sunglasses" and "Those are soo unique, I like 'em". I also got these earrings for like $8 there, first time I found a woven style earring that I've actually liked! I just saw these earrings online, wonder how they look in person...hrmm XD

I finally splurged a bit on some PrismaColor markers at Michaels the other week and after MUCH debate picked out Blondwood, Light Umber and Aquamarine. Now I just need to start drawing again ;P

That's it for now, I'm going to watch Leap Year and Dear John on DVD since I hit up RedBox ;)

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