May 26, 2010

Avatar Inspired Nail Tutorial

I loved the movie Avatar and thus decided to create my own Avatar inspired nail tutorial. It took much experimenting for me to create this final look, enjoy ;)
Get the Look
-Apply 1 Coat of Clear BaseCoat (I used Barielle Instant Liquid Nail Hardener #1050).
Let Dry 5 Minutes.
-Apply 2 Coats of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in "Blue Me Away!" #04.
Let each coat dry 5 Minutes Apart.
-Apply 1 thin coat of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in "Disco Ball" #09 (Note: shake/roll polish well as too much glitter can overpower the finished look).
Let Dry 5 Minutes.
-Using the Konad Stamp I used the zebra print on the M57 Konad Plate (I think M73 may be an even better print for this), use Sally Hansen Salon Manicure in "Thinking of Blue" #460. (Note: Avoid shaking/rolling the paint bottle before application, the stamp works better when polish is thick). The polish on your finger can later be removed with polish remover and a Q-Tip.
Let Dry 5 Minutes.
-Apply Dots (as shown in image or you can place them anywhere you like) using Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in White (Note: Shake Pen before using), I had to go over my dots once I applied them the first time to better enhance them (Note: Don't worry if your dots look a bit caved in, this will practically fix itself in the next step).
Let Dry 5 Minutes.
-Apply 2 Coats of Clear TopCoat (I used Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat). Let the first coat dry 5 minutes before applying the 2nd coat.
Let Dry Completely, remove any polish that may have gotten on your skin and your Done.

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