June 10, 2010


Got this kawaii I <3 Nerds Snoopey T for $9 at Wal-Mart this past weekend!
I even picked up the ever-so-popular wayfaring nerd-esque glasses, these were $5 and I wish they had solid black ones but FAIL. Anywhooo...I totally heart wearing these, feelin' like a librarian/scientist, LOL.
Got another Miley style plaid shirt in blue for $9! Lovin' it more so then my yellow one because it doesn't fluff out in the front and look like it's maternity X.x

Mom and I played like tacky fashion designers in the Target clearance rack this weekend...errr...we basically tried to make outfits outta the crazy stuff we found, but yea...got a good laugh in here and there! I still say its weird how the fashion style of today reminds me so much of Peggy Bundy from Married with Children...Lord help us all, heh.

This weekend I'll be flying up to Boston, MA to meetup with a BlogTV friend I've made over the past few months now, good stuff ;D Oh yea, did ya'll happen to catch my mom break into my bedroom and get on cam with me during my BTV session? kinda embarrassing, heh.

RedBox currently has a deal going for members, if you rent 2 DVD's then within 3 days you'll get a free rental, on that note it's time to watch The Tooth Fairy on DVD for free, c-ya!

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