May 20, 2010

Liquid EyeLiner Favorite

If there's one makeup item I loath applying (and seriously suck at!) on a daily basis it's liquid eyeliner! Luckily I found my new favorite (or rather ONLY favorite) and luckily cheap liner which honestly makes my regular application such a breeze.

Wet 'n' Wild MegaLiner! Yes its possibly one of the most popular drugstore makeup brands for teens but it's generally the cheapest makeup you can find in most local drugstores here. I've been known to avoid this brand aside from the occasional nail polish here and their, but I recently decided to try out their eyeliner and WOW was I surprised at how nicely (and perfect!) the application was. This also removes easily when you go to take it off. The only downfalls I found is that this liner does tend to flake just a tiny bit and some of the brushes seem to be in better quaility shape then other bottles of this.

Tip: Lightly wipe off the tip on the inside of the bottle before applying to insure you get a nice precise and thin application (this is common to do with most liquid liners I've used).

I bought this in Turquoise color (as shown in image), Plum and Black. I generally imagine turquoise as being a green/blue shade but this comes out more like a jade green or christmas green shade. It goes on thin or thick easily depending how you like it applied, it dries quick with a shiny finish, has a tiny thin brush tip (rather then sponge) which some apparently find too long (it's maybe around 1 cm).

Tip: I don't think it's too long of a brush tip but if you're one of those people that do you can always shorten it by cutting the tip slightly at an angle.

Color eyeliner is also a new makeup trend this year I've noticed, generally to be worn on the lower lashline with a bronze shadow on top. I enjoy wearing this turquoise shade on my upper lashline (cat-eye affect) with a shimmery gold eyeshadow.

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